Shrimp Floyd

Scientist named a killer shrimp after Pink Floyd their favourite band.  The shrimp Synalpheus pinkfloydi clicks one bright pink claw and makes a 4400ºC bubble (hotter than the surface of Betelgeuse) that collapses creating a 210 Decibel sound wave.

What this tells us:-

  1. Scientific names that try to look like Latin just don’t work and should be discontinued immediately.
  2. Betelgeuse is a crap sun and if you’re going on holiday nearby you can skip packing sun-screen (which will help if you’re only taking hand luggage.) Betelgeuse rises – holiday video……
  3. Scientists are weird, if I was naming a killer shrimp I’d name it after a band I hated.
  4. Shrimps can be louder than whales (188Decibel) – who knew?
  5. One huge pink claw looks strangely arresting……
  6. We need a video of this – to corroborate, natch, not just for vicarious animal thrills.

Image – Synalpheus pinkfloydi 2 (full res) by Arthur Anker used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License