Help, I don’t speak Emoji…

I bought an iPhone (I know, psychologically I’m a late adopter), and I’m not surprised that it feels like something corporate in my hands, like a mission statement that lives with me; I don’t much like it, it’s unfriendly, but I do like some of the things I can do on it.  And one of them is sending (and receiving) Emojis.  Who knew?  The simple pleasure of tacking a funny picture in a text – I’m addicted.  I send pictures of the drinks we’re going to drink (or drank, but that goes with a black cloud), I send the sad lion, the pumpkin face, for a while I sent the unicorn because the guy I was seeing told me that, like true love, they really exist if you believe in them; now I send rainbows instead.

So far, so simple.  But like any addict, the Emojis that used to satisfy me completely are no longer enough, I need something stronger.

I’d like to send the skull and crossbones, but I’m not sure if the undertones of piracy promise or threaten

I’m toying with the ghost, I kinda like the little guy, he’s not scary, somehow he’s picked up a black eye like maybe he’s part panda; I send him, but I’ve got to confess, and this is important if you’ve ever received him from me – I don’t know what he means, I’m not even sure what I mean when I send him.  Maybe I mean woooh, scary in an ironic voice, maybe I mean gotcha, maybe I just mean look at me I think I’m cool.


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